Marathon 75: Tough, Dependable and Built to Last

Making a living on the water can be hard work. You need the help of a Mariner Marathon to lighten the load. Every Marathon undergoes rigorous testing in the most unfriendly of conditions before it is approved. These are tough engines for the toughest of jobs. The Marathon family of workhorses starts with the 294 cc 15 hp and runs through 25 hp, 40 hp, 55 hp, 60 hp and 75 hp models.


  • Finger Adjustable Steering Co-Pilot conveniently located between the clamp brackets for easy use.
  • An Extra Long Tiller Handle provides 90 degrees of steering for added maneuverability.
  • Propshaft, shiftshaft, driveshaftand powerhead fasteners are stainless steel for added strength and corrosion resistance.
  • Stainless Steel Carburetor Needles for added durability.
  • Modular Computerized Ignition System utilizes a digital ECM for maximum engine management and turnkey starting. The system also monitors multiple engine functions and is comprised of six independent units, one dedicated to each cylinder.
  • Large Water Separating Fuel Filter stops water from entering the carburetor.
  • Stronger Gearcase Components. The clutch, shift cam, gear forgings and lower shift camshaft are much stronger for increased reliability and durability. 
  • Bearing Carrier Stainless Steel Inserts increase carrier clamp load for more durability.
  • Gas Assist Trim and Tilt is standard on all 55,   60 BigFoot and 75HP models (available on 40HP models) provides easy tilting. Engine can be set in any position for beaching or going over reefs and sandbars.