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Maximize your boat acceleration and performance. Selecting the right propeller is the only choice to obtain premium performance out of your boat. We manufacture a wide range of quality propellers in aluminium, in steel, with 3, 4 or 5 blades, for  competition or for pleasure boating.

The Flo-Torq II kit allows you to fit Mercury propellers on various engine brands. No matter what your brand of engine is you will always find the right fit in our wide range of propellers.

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Once again Mercury Propellers has re-written the rules of propeller design and engineering. Who says you have to compromise top-end speed to get the acceleration and holding of a four-blade propeller? With the Spitfire you can finally have both!

Spitfire's breakthrough design features the most aggressive geometry available in an aluminum propeller. It has more cup for best-in-class acceleration and holding, and tenacious grip in turns. Its high-rake, reduced diameter design helps maintain top-end speed.

  • Spitfire for deep-v aluminum fishing boats powered by 25hp to 125hp outboards
  • Spitfire Pontoon - the best pontoon prop in the Mercury line up, featuring the extra holding and lift to wake up the performance of your pontoon run by a 40hp to 60hp BigFoot or 75hp to 125hp outboard

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