Regular maintenance prolongs the life of your engine. Keep it running smoothly by using  Genuine Quicksilver Parts & Accessories for all your service needs.

Refer to Owner’s manual for Service Interval Recommendations for your engine.

Your authorized  Dealer is trained to service those components to keep your engine running at peak Performance.


Outboard & Sterndrive/Inboard Replacement Parts

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  1. Water Separating Fuel Filters
    Feature thicker canisters, inner epoxy coatings and Electro Deposition (EDP) applied paint to promote longevity by protecting against corrosion and rust.
  2. In-Line Fuel Filters
  3. Water Pump Kits
    Quicksilver offers a complete line of Water Pump Kits to ensure proper cooling and operation.
  4. Impellers
    Quicksilver impellers remain flexible while providing precise flow rates for proper engine cooling.
  5. Oil & Oil Filters
    Replace Oil & Oil Filter following Service Manual guidelines.
  6. Sacrificial Anodes
    Exacting material standards using correct alloys provides the most effective corrosion protection available. Anodes should be replaced when 50% consumed.
    • Lubricants, greases, coolant and anti-corrosion products
      Keep your engine and drive parts running smoothly and protect them from cold temperatures and humidity.




Sterndrive replacement parts

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  1. Shift Cables
    Teflon-coated shift cables are corrosion resistant and offer smoother, consistent shifting with reduced effort.
  2. Bellows
    Ozone-resistant Neoprene and stainless steel inner spring are durable and reliable. They are pressure tested to ensure a water-tight seal.
  3. Gimbal Bearings
    Maintenance-free Permalube Gimbal Bearings eliminate the need for periodic lubrication.
  4. Gasket Sets/Seal Kits
    High quality gaskets and seals help prevent water leaks and ensure long-term performance of the drive system.