OptiMax 115: To Let You Enjoy Every Available Minute

Optimum reliability, maximum durability

OptiMax can provide effective, economical and reliable power in the shape of the direct fuel injection 115 hp motors. Lightweight and a broad power band provide full enjoyment, which is backed up by economical, smooth, and extremely quiet operation. Add unsurpassed reliability and you’ll understand why OptiMax 1.5L models are the choice of boaters who demand absolute dependability and economy of operation.



  • Rigorous testing results in an engine that will run at optimum efficiency and last for many years.
  • Designed for durability, strength and corrosion resistance, the driveshaft, shiftshaft, propshaft, water pump housings, tilt tube and power head fasteners are stainless steel. 


  • OptiMax offers unsurpassed hole shot and top end speed.
  • Direct fuel injection assures the clean, quiet and fuel efficient qualities of a four-stroke engine.

Running Quality

  • An exclusively-designed Air-Bypass-Silencer means that this engine is virtually as quiet as a four-stroke at idle.
  • OptiMax technology assures turn-key starting, and smoke free operation.
  • The unique 4.7L integral oil reservoir is easy to fill and serves as the engine’s sound attenuator for whisper-quiet operation. 


  • 60 amp belt driven alternator assures charged batteries even while operating electronics at low RPMs.

5-Year Warranty

  • Five-year limited non-declining, factory-backed. Conditions and exclusions apply. Not applicable for commercial and racing applications.